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The VR Games Showcase Announced for Gamescom 2019

Perp Games has announced that it, along with six other VR developers, will be hosting a brand new concept at this year’s Gamescom. The concept is called ‘The VR Games Showcase’ where some of the top developers of virtual reality games will be teaming up to offer exclusive hands-on gameplay sessions with some of their upcoming games. There is a catch, however, as it’ll only be for media and content creators. Sorry, normal folk.

The VR Games Showcase will also allow media to get some face time in with the developers from the studios to do interviews and what not. It’s more a media thing, but the end result is good VR-related content for readers, so you should be happy about this.

Here’s a list of each of the studios that will be present at the first VR Games Showcase at Gamescom 2019.

  • Fast Travel Games (Apex Construct): First hands-on with The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

  • Neat Corporation (Budget Cuts): Exclusive hands-on content with Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency (co-developed with Fast Travel Games)

  • Survios (Raw Data, Creed, Sprint Vector): First hands-on with the story mode with characters from the show The Walking Dead: Onslaught

  • Resolution Games (Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Bait!): First hands-on with Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

  • Carbon Studio (The Wizards, Alice VR): First hands-on with The Wizards: Dark Times

  • Cortopia Studios (Wands VR): First hands-on with “An Adventure in Wonderland” (Final title and info revealed at Gamescom)

  • Perp Games: Global games publisher sponsoring ‘The VR Games Showcase’

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