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The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 Shambles onto the PS4 Today

The tragic story of The Walking Dead: The Final Season continues in Episode 3, “Broken Toys” today. (I haven’t played this season myself, but it’s The Walking Dead. I assume tragic, and prior seasons have not let me down in that regard.) Clementine has to protect her new home at a school while also protecting her family. The beginning shows her going a little Zero Dark Thirty on a guy tied to a chair, so she’s not afraid to do whatever it takes.

Although Telltale’s story is also a little tragic and well known by now, it was still a little surprising to see the Skybound Games logo at the beginning of the trailer. I’m happy they stepped up to finish the season. Stay classy, Skybound.

Once you have a chance to finish Episode 3, you do have a small wait until Episode 4, but it has already been dated. The season’s closing episode will be in your hands on March 26th. Until then, help Clementine stay alive, and unravel the owner of that voice at the end of the trailer.

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