The Warmonger Tribe Brings Fury and Doom to Middle-earth: Shadow of War

We have a new tribe for our elimination enjoyment in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and we are a little confused by the name. How much more warmonger-y does the Warmonger tribe have to be in order for that to be in the name? It seems like all orcs want to fight, so maybe these are the professionals who really hone their craft?

It does look like they may carry portable siege weapons, and the new trailer even shows a dragon burning. They look like the ones to really give war the hard sell, and we cannot argue with a little doom and fury.

We would imagine there are not many, if any, tribes left to reveal before the game’s launch on October 10th, but we would not mind seeing one or two more. If this is it, is this your new favorite?

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