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The Winners and Losers of Little Dragons Cafe

I am still fascinated by the insights into Little Dragons Cafe from the game’s director Yasuhiro Wada. Another one hit today, and it is focused on the characters, being a loser in life, and how Wada himself is a loser sometimes too.

The characters in Little Dragons Cafe are all designed to be losers. They are not bad people, but they might not fit a template for successful people. They are designed to be normal, and they make mistakes. Each of them has the ability to be winners as well.

Wada mentioned that he and character designer, Matsuyama, had a fight twice and could fight again. He didn’t mention the cause of the discord, but he confessed it was his fault. Because they are close, each can speak their mind to the other. He mentioned that we shouldn’t fight with the people who make up our closest friends, but we do. Since Wada did it, that made him a loser.

Little Dragons Cafe has already released, but I hope more companies will let their creators speak so candidly on the game, the inspiration, the process, and team interactions.

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