The Witcher 3 on PS1? It Would Look a Little Like This

The Witcher 3 is one of the highest-rated RPGs ever. But what if it wasn’t made for the PS4, Xbox One and modern PCs? Well, it would look very, very different.

YouTube user Anders Lundbjörk has done it again. And by “done it again” I mean the mad guy has “demade” a popular game, giving us skill-less chumps a look at what could have been if CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3 was released when Crash Bandicoot was in his prime, Lara Croft’s boobies could poke an eye out, and loot boxes were still EA’s wettest of wet dreams.

Anders has recreated the – dare I say iconic? – opening scene from CD Projekt Red’s successful RPG, complete with Geralt having a scrub in the tub while his lady friend (also in the nude) looks on.

It’s silly, but this is what Monday morning content looks like.

Get used to it.

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