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The Witcher 3 Will Still Make its PS5 Debut in 2021

Despite the TLC demanded by Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project RED is still on track to release The Witcher 3 on the PlayStation 5 this year. That should come as a relief to many, even if we’d all much prefer their latest game to run flawlessly. After all, we’ve had Geralt in our lives for a while now…

The Witcher 3 will be making its PlayStation 5 debut in 2021 – even if its IP successor is giving CD Project RED a headache or seven. That means Geralt and his silvery locks will never have looked so good as you are tempted back to the adventure. In addition to that, the developer’s plans also include a native release for Cyberpunk 2077, which is also scheduled for the next few quarters.

However, this news hasn’t been met by complete euphoria.

A number of gamers have stated they’d rather have a port of the first two games in the series instead of yet another release of the third. Now, whether that is an opinion shared by the majority is difficult to say, but revisiting past games – or even enjoying them for the first time on the latest hardware –  has proven popular in recent years. Just look at the success enjoyed by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1&2, not to mention plans for the upcoming Mass Effect trilogy.

Still, we should be glad to be having something else to play on the PlayStation 5.

The news was relayed by the company’s Community Lead (Marcin Momot) in the form of a roadmap on Twitter. And I must admit it was rather funky to see the two big games side by side. However, it probably would have been even more impressive if they were both of equal standing. Instead, we have the game that raised the bar behind imagination and the other that missed it by miles.

Saying that, with the latest patch offering a little hope, maybe the PlayStation 5 will have two new strong RPGs by the end of the year. Here’s hoping!

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