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The Witcher 3’s Blood And Wine Expansion Has A Special Pre-Order Price

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt first launched in May 2015. It’s just over a year since we first got our hands on those silver and steel swords but Geralt’s adventure is finally coming to an end this May. The game’s final expansion, which is titled ‘Blood and Wine’, will be launching on May 31st. That’s just six days away! If you’re planning to play the expansion day one then CD Projekt Red have arranged a little incentive to encourage you to pre-order the DLC. If you pre-order Blood and Wine it will only set you back €17.99/$17.99 whereas it will usually cost you €19.99/$19.99. Sure it’s only a €2/$2 saving but it’s a nice gesture. On top of the special price we also know that the expansion will take up 14GB of your PS4’s hard drive space. Obviously that number could rise slightly but we don’t expect it to rise much. All of that information can be viewed in the screenshot below.

For the uninitiated the Blood and Wine expansion takes Geralt to an entirely new location named Toussaint. The expansion is designed for characters who are level 34 or higher so perhaps you may need to go out there and hunt some monsters before you take on the DLC. You can also expect to get around 30 hours of content out of the pack but it could take you longer depending on your pace. Otherwise we’d rather not get into story details here because if you don’t know what it’s about already then you probably don’t want any spoilers this close to launch.


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