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The Witcher Games Have Sold Over 50 Million Copies

CD Projekt Red’s massively popular RPG has been a big success for the company. On the official Twitter account for The Witcher games, the company announced the series had sold over 50 million copies. That’s a lot of time with Geralt of Rivia and shows how much gamers have enjoyed journeying through the unique and interesting world.

Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, provided more context around those numbers in another tweet. According to him, The Witcher 3 was the driving catalyst. In 2013, the first two games had only sold a combined five million copies. The Witcher 3 sold over 28 million copies. It’s likely the interest generated from the third game, multiple platform releases, and a television tie-in has generated a lot of sales too.

As we head toward Cyberpunk 2077, we hope the quality and longevity of the next game brings us as much enjoyment, and congrats to CD Projekt Red on reaching this amazing milestone.

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