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The Wonderful 101: Remastered Blasts Into Retail

If you’ve been waiting for a physical copy of The Wonderful 101: Remastered, you can pick it up right now in the US and July 3rd in Europe. Despite being originally released on the wildly successful Wii U, the sales didn’t set the world on fire, and you may have missed this one. This beloved classic from Platinum Games received the premium remaster treatment, and this is the definitive version of the game.

According to the game’s director, Hideki Kamiya, he never saw the game as a failure, and he is taking this chance to give players the best experience yet. The team tuned the controls and gave the visuals and framerate a boost to ensure it’s everything you remember and more. If this is your first time with the Wonderful Ones, he’s excited for you to finally learn what makes it such a cult classic after releasing seven years ago.

The story puts you in control of the Wonderful Ones. They are a group of heroes who defend Earth, and Blossom City, from alien threats. They can transform into different objects to move around the world. By combining, they can become a gun, a fist, or even a bridge. As you meet new characters, you can strengthen them to join your team and make you stronger through more impressive combination possibilities. For a look at how that works, I have popped a trailer up top.

If you are in the US, you can pick up the game for $39.99 at your favorite retailer. So far, I can confirm it’s listed at Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, and Target, so you won’t have difficulty finding it or having the satisfaction of a physical copy. You can even put it on a shelf next to the Wii U case if your OCD will let you.

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