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The World is Full of Ingredients in Little Dragons Cafe

Outside a few videos, Little Dragons Cafe has appeared to show you working with customers exclusively, but a new trailer gives you a look at the larger world outside your small restaurant. There are grassy plains and hills, mountains, and sandy beaches to explore. These are not empty zones in the world. They are filled with strange animals. Since you are fishing, I am guessing that some of them are ingredients as well.

There may be areas that you have to wait to explore. The trailer shows your larger dragon destroying a pile of sticks to allow you to move into a new area. This could be to gate off access to rare ingredients further in the game, or it could be an incentive to get you to grow your dragon.

By far, the best reason to make sure your scaly companion reaches a big, healthy size is to be able to fly. The trailer shows your character cruising high above the world, and it looks as if you can go almost anywhere. Since it is a relaxing, E-10+ rated game, don’t expect to live out your Game of Thrones’ fantasies and burn everything you see, but riding a dragon is no less cool.

Little Dragons Cafe will allow you to run your own restaurant, interact with and help your customers, and explore the world on foot or dragon back starting August 24th.

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