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The Yakuza Remastered Collection Bundles Three Games in One Package


There were rumors that Sega would announce new Yakuza games for us non-Japanese speakers, but it’s a slight departure from past releases. The Yakuza Remastered Collection combines Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, and Yakuza 5 games into a decently priced package. It’ll run you the standard release price ($59.99 USD), but there are a few differences in delivery and remastering.

First, the physical version of all three games is coming February 11, 2020. Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4 are on one blu-ray, while Yakuza 5 occupies the second disc. There is really nice packaging as well. (Check out the screenshot at the bottom.) If you want digital or don’t want to wait, Sega is unlocking the games a few months apart. You can buy the digital version and start playing Yakuza 3 right now. Yakuza 4 will unlock on October 29th, and Yakuza 5 will unlock on February 11, 2020.

The remasters are nice, but they are a little different as well. The good is that they have been increased to 1080p resolution and 60FPS. The visuals have been given a nice boost too. The bigger content change has likely been in the script. All three games have been given a new localization with the scripts being revised and rewritten in cases. Content cut from the original has been added back. For Yakuza 3, this includes shogi, the massage parlor, mahjong, caberet, and sidequests. General improvements have been made throughout the game.

That’s great, but it doesn’t look as though they received the full dragon engine upgrade. I’m happy to have better versions of these games, but I will miss some of the fancy visuals afforded by Sega’s latest engine. I’m sure the benefit is a lower price and faster delivery. Since they are working on a new Yakuza game and successfully launched Judgment this year, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has its hands very full.

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