If you were one of the many who didn’t enjoy playing as anyone other than Peter Parker in the first Marvel’s Spider-Man, then I have good news for you. Why? Well, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales won’t have any of those side characters or their playable missions. So, it will be Miles Morales from start to finish. And there’s good reason to.

Speaking to Game Informer, its Creative Director Brian Horton exclaimed that they are 100% Miles before adding:

“We wanted to focus on the two parts of Miles. Miles as a kid, as a non-hero … and then we have of course all his superhero stuff. But really focusing on Miles allowed us to put maximum effort into delivering the best Miles experience we could.”

As a result, the game will still play like a tale of two halves (for want of a better phrase). That’s because you will play as both Miles the hero and Miles the civilian. But that’s still a contrast to the slower and less enjoyable side character quests in the first game as you don’t ever leave the character. Instead, the whole thing simply combines to tell the story. Miles’ story – hence its name.

Whether some gamers will be disappointed by the lack of variety is yet to be seen. Or even if the game will suffer as a result of the change. But it’s nice to see development teams both listening and reacting to community opinion because it doesn’t happen often. And when they do, we can’t really criticise the outcome, can we?

Let’s just hope we got it right because this one is as much on us as it is on them!

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By Hannah Ellis

Living life one Batmobile chase at a time. When she's not writing about video games, she's writing terrible jokes that even a Christmas cracker would be embarrassed to share.

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