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There Came An Echo Launching 1st Of June

It’s always exciting when a developer announces a completely unique type of game, something we don’t see too much of. We see a substantial quantity of games releasing every month, but a majority are quite similar to others, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However it does make it extremely satisfying when a development team (Iridium Studios) comes up with a fresh take on gaming.

There Came An Echo is first and foremost a real-time strategy shooter where you control a squad of up to 4 units, using tactical positioning and abilities to overcome the enemy. The real twist here is that Iridium Studios have created the game to be fully voice controlled, supposedly a vast majority of the game will be played just using your mic. This seems like an awesome idea for a strategy game where you are the leader of the squad and can actually speak your commands as oppose to using a button combination. However this can easily make or break the game; the trailer which is embedded at the bottom shows someone speaking in English without a particularly strong accent. Questions already arising are the likes of, will this game only be available in English? Will it understand people with heavy accents? These are perfectly valid questions especially with voice control not really having the best track record.

Although these questions are yet to be answered we do know that Iridium Studios worked closely with Sony’s engineers on the voice commands to build up a very expansive library of recognisable words/phrases and hopefully make it as efficient as possible. There Came An Echo is launching on the 1st of June and definitely a title to keep your eye on, if it lives up to expectations it could be a very successful game. Perhaps even encouraging others to make more use of the voice commands. You can check out the trailer below.

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