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There Won’t Be a FIFA 21 Demo on PS4, PS5

Normally we get to sample the latest FIFA with a playable demo before release. It’s a tradition at this point, and EA is breaking that tradition by not releasing a FIFA 21 demo this year.

The publisher has confirmed on its official Twitter account that FIFA 21 won’t be getting a demo. The reason given is that the developers are being given the time and resources to focus on the current and next-gen versions of the game to deliver the best product possible.

It’s a weird one as even in previous generational transitions we’ve seen FIFA demos release. Does this mean that FIFA 21 will actually be a substantial upgrade over FIFA 20? Or is it a case of EA hiding the minimal upgrades? We’ll see when the game releases next month. Until then, fans will continue giving EA grief on Twitter, because some things never change, even if FIFA tackling does.

FIFA 21 will release on October 9th, though you can play a 10-hour trial with EA Play, or get the full game three days early by pre-ordering the Ultimate or Champions edition of FIFA 21.

Source: Twitter


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