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There’s 20% Off Everything (Including Video Games) on eBay Until 10PM GMT Today

We all love a good bargain don’t we? Whether it be a 10% off coupon at Gregg’s, a buy-one-get-one-free on the knock-off Cheerios down at Lidl, or even video game products.

It’s handy, then, that we’ve learned of a great deal that’s going on today: 20% off on EVERYTHING via eBay. That means everything. From baby bottles to butt plugs to video games and their consoles, everything is 20% off.

There is a catch… You need to have a valid Pay Pal account and the minimum spend is £20 with a maximum saving of £50. The discount is all applied at the end of your digital shopping spree by applying the code CUK20 before checking out.

There’s another catch: it’s very time limited. You’ve got until 10pm London time to get your goodies in the basket and the money paid over. Still, it’s not a bad little promotion from eBay.

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