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There’s a Couple of New PSVR Experiences Out Today, Kygo and LENS

It ain’t easy being an early adopter of Sony’s PSVR. If you’ve had it since day one then there’s a fair chance that you’ve bought and played just about everything available on the system that’s caught your eye. Now you’re hungry. Starving. Foaming at the mouth for a new game. A new experience. Just anything. You bloody crack head.

It’s alright, mind, as we’re pretty much the same. Any time something new is released for PSVR, we’re on it like animals. It’s an addiction that we’re so desperate to feed. It’s good news, then, that there are two new apps for PSVR owners to try out as of today. The better news is that one is only a couple of dollars, and the other is free. We’ll take that, thank you.

LENS is a new streaming app for PSVR, and it’s free. We’ve not had the chance to get on it yet (instead we decided to put this article together for you – you’re welcome,) but we’ll strap in this evening and see what it’s all about.

Then there’s something for music junkies: Kygo ‘Carry Me’ VR Experience. This isn’t a true game in the sense of the word, though it’s worth a look if you’re a music nut. The experience promises a visual tour as you listen to the song. Alright, we’ll be honest, it doesn’t sound amazing. Hey, it might be for you, though. This writer would prefer a VR experience with The Killers. Hint, hint, Mr. Brandon Flowers and company.

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