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There’s a New Asymmetric PS4 Wireless Controller Coming This Spring

Nacon and BIGBEN Interactive are bringing another officially licensed PS4 controller to market in the near future, and this one will be for those who are fans of asymmetric stick layouts. The Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller will release this spring for PS4.

It’s got most of the functionality that you’d find on a regular DualShock 4, though it does require a Bluetooth adapter for wireless play. The controller has the usual face buttons, triggers, touchpad, as well as the ‘share’ and ‘options’ buttons. What it doesn’t have is the lightbar, motion sensing capabilities, or the in-built speaker. The latter are a bit of a shame but I can see some being happy to see the lightbar being removed in this controller.

There’s no exact release date as of yet but it’s supposedly releasing this spring for around £49.99 in the UK and Europe. Below are a couple of pictures if you’re interested in getting a good look at the controller.


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