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There’s a New Battlefield Teaser Trailer, Looks Like Non-Modern Warfare

We all know that EA and DICE will reveal a new Battlefield game tomorrow, as was previously announced last week. What we don’t know is exactly what we’re going to see.

Rumours have been flying around like tracer rounds for months that the next Battlefield would shy away from the futuristic warfare that’s been a recurring theme with Call of Duty and other shooters, and that it would actually take a step back in time.

We can’t be absolutely sure, but going off the extremely short teaser trailer below, we reckon the next Battlefield will be going back in time. We only get to see some dude’s face for all of 4 seconds, but what we’ve seen is enough to make us think that we’re going back to Vietnam with the next Battlefield. The soldier’s face is muddy and he looks like he’s wearing a 70’s-style flak jacket, and that’s all we’ve got to go on. Yes, we’re pathetic, but if we’re right, then ha.

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