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There’s A Ton Of New Information On Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer

There’s been multiple trailers and gameplay demonstrations for Uncharted 4’s eagerly awaited single-player campaign, but so far all of the information we’ve received on the multiplayer came from the two betas. Well with only eight days to go until the game’s release Naughty Dog have decided to head over to the PlayStation Blog and pull back the curtains on Uncharted 4’s multiplayer. You can click the source down below to read the full blog entry, but we’ve broken down all of the most crucial need to know information in this here article.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, all future content will be free or can be earned in-game. That means any additional maps won’t cost you a dime, which is firstly good for your wallet and secondly it’s good for the community because the player base won’t be divided between those who have bought the new maps and those who have not. This means you’ll also have more money to spend on silly hats and taunts to doll up your characters with – speaking of silly hats you can buy them if you want, but it will be possible to purchase them with currency earned in-game.

However, if all the maps are free then those of you who have already purchased the Triple Pack might be wondering what the hell you paid for. Well, firstly you’ll receive access to the, yet to be announced, single-player add-on. Then you’ll also receive two multiplayer packs containing various weapons, boosters, hats, taunts, a Mystical and a skin.

They also revealed the multiplayer game modes, although we already knew about a few of them. However, they are as follows: Ranked, Command, Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Trials and a Warm Up Playlist.

The last thing of note is the ‘Road Map’, which you can see down below. It clearly maps out how Naughty Dog plans to support the multiplayer right up until Spring 2017. Remember you can check out the full breakdown by clicking the source below and don’t forget to share you thoughts with us down in the comments.

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