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There’s Another Free Update Coming to Overcooked 2, Possibly Chinese New Year Content

Ghost Town Games and Team17 are cooking up yet another free update for Overcooked 2 on PS4 and other platforms. Keeping in line with the traditionally cryptic clues, there’s no word on what the new update will be, only that it will be free.

There’s also a teaser trailer which runs for all of around 16 seconds. It doesn’t give much away but it does seem to be hinting at the new update being centred around Chinese New Year. Also, the PR email said “celebrate the New Year with a free update!”. So, yeah, my guess is that the new update will release during Chinese New Year and that it’ll feature new dishes, new chefs, and maybe a couple of new kitchens to cook in. Let’s just hope they’re in better condition than my old local Chinese takeaway…

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