There’s Still a Chance for Skate 4 to Grind Another Day

It was reported earlier today that EA had abandoned the trademark for Skate, leading to speculation that Skate 4 would never get made. Fair assessment to make. Normally, if a company drops a trademark it’s because the franchise the trademark relates to isn’t set to feature in the rightsholders future plans. We’ve seen it happen before and we’ll no doubt see it happen again. Pour one out for 8 Days and Agent.

However, the trademark for Skate hasn’t been dropped entirely. In fact, the original Skate trademark was renewed earlier this year. Does it mean a new Skate game is coming soon? No, but it does mean that EA hasn’t completely thrown away all hope for a Skate 4. By retaining the trademark, Skate 4 can still be made without issue. It’s just a matter of if EA will invest in producing a new Skate game. Your best bet to get Skate 4 released is to email EA and share all of the ways you think the game could be monitised. It’d be made next week if a good enough idea dropped in EA’s laps.

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Source: USPTO

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