These are Some of the PlayStation Days of Play Deals Starting Tomorrow

The PlayStation Days of Play Sale starts tomorrow, and the PlayStation Blog has pulled back the curtain on a big chunk of those deals. The digital sale will have hundreds of games with some hefty discounts for you. These are some of the lowest prices I have seen on some games and not so low on others. Hey, we like discounts, so no complaints here.

There is one caveat to that. If you want to receive the $19.99 price on digital copies of Marvel’s Spider-Man or God of War, you can buy them digitally. For Days Gone, you will have to wait until retailers change the price in-store to have the massive discount. It’s not that big of a deal, but it does like weird to see the other two listed for the lower price and not that one.

Games are the focus for me, but hardware is on sale too. There will be PSVR bundles, sales on the PS4 Pro, and a limited edition PS4. If you are looking to buy another controller, renew your subscription for PS Now or PS Plus, all of them will be cheaper. If you like PlayStation and spend money on it, it’s on sale.

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The discounted games are shown on the table below (be sure to hit next at the bottom, increase the number of entries displayed, or just search for the game you want in over 250 lines), and there are some really great titles here. I have been eyeing Dying Light and Superhot VR for a while, but I am tempted by a few others.

Will you be stocking up during the sale, or are you saving your money for games that have yet to be announced?

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