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This is a Fridge Too Far for Bethesda and Fallout 76

Fallout fridge

Microtransactions and Fallout 76 go together like a door-to-door salesman and a top flight game. But up until now their offering has been based on the promises of Bethesda as being restricted to cosmetic items only. So, would you be surprised if I told you that’s no longer the case, and the developer has gone back on its word?

No, thought not.

Well, that’s what they’ve done with the so called Atom Shop Fridge (or refrigerator, to our friends across the pond), which does a little more than simply sprucing the place up. That’s because this $7 Hulk of compressor, coils and curdled milk offers your camp benefits by reducing the spoilage rate of perishable items by 50%. And it’s only available to buy with your own hard-earned cash.

700 Atoms, to be precise.

Now, it didn’t take long for the online community to draw comparisons with its cost and the price of more satisfying Bethesda add-ons. You know, like proper DLC – with game extending missions, characters and locations. In particular, the fact that this soda chiller is only a couple of bucks less than the Automatron extension for Fallout 4. But that’s not the biggest kick in the pants for all those survivors out there.

That comes from the fridge’s backstory. And, warning. Steel capped toes inbound.

You see, it was the community who suggested the addition of a fridge in the first place. Months back. An idea that Bethesda acknowledged, and have then implemented. But in the time between the idea being sown and then actually being added to the virtual apocalypse, they’ve decided to slap a $7 price tag on it. Because that’s justifiable – that’s almost half the cost of the game at current price!

Unsurprisingly, the online fora are full of unhappy users who are demanding the team change their minds. But with cold hard cash on the table – probably fresh out of the refrigerator – we very much doubt it will have much effect.

Is Fallout 76 still thriving in the harsh lands of your console? Or are you taking shelter from all its faults? Crack open a can and our minds with your thoughts on it all.

Source: VG247

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