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This Is the Police 2 Goes Xcom in New Combat Gameplay Trailer

Yes, you read that headline correctly: This Is the Police 2 will feature Xcom-style, turn-based combat when it releases later this year on PS4 and other platforms.

The trailer, which you can watch up above, gives us a look at how combat goes down in This Is the Police 2. It’ll be a completely new experience for those who’ve never taken a shine to turn-based, grid-system combat games before, this writer included. Could it be a turn off? We can’t say for sure yet, but we’re hoping that the new feature will be a neat addition that helps This Is the Police 2 stand out as a decent sequel.

According to THQ’s press release, you’ll take control of a newly appointed sheriff named Lily Reed, and you’ll sometimes have to get off your arse and go sort out those emergency calls yourself. You’ll be able to pick your own team, though you may not always have the most adept officers following you into a dangerous situation. You may be faced with going with one of the station’s heavy drinkers or useless idiots. They could end up screwing the situation. They could end up dead. These are just a few of the tough-as-nails situations you’ll have to deal with in This Is the Police 2.


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