This Ray-Traced Pepsiman Remake is What We Really Need in 2021

Remakes and remasters are all the rage these days, but what we really need is something different. We don’t need childhood mascots making a comeback, and we certainly don’t need beloved franchises getting spruced up and future-proofed. What we really need is a corporate mascot in his own game. There just aren’t enough of them these days, and by gosh, it’s the content we need.

I am, obviously, extracting the urine. But you know what? I don’t think I’d say no to Pepsiman if it did get the remaster treatment. I never actually got to play the original – most of us didn’t as it was a Japan-exclusive PlayStation game. I’d want to try it like I wanted to try a gas station hot dog during my first visit to America; I want to see how bad it is and if it’s as painful as people say. And yes, those hot dogs do hurt on the way out, but they’re heavenly on the way in.

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It’s very, very unlikely that Pepsiman will make any kind of comeback, and that’s probably for the best. Kids and adults are getting fatter and sugar-loaded drinks are at least partly to blame. A game featuring a superhero clad in Pepsi-marked spandex isn’t the role model anybody should be looking for.

But what if it was?

Enter: Pepsiman remade with the Unity3D engine. And to top it off, it comes with the latest gaming buzzword: “ray tracing”.

Reddit user gamerjv has taken the time and effort to imagine a future where Pepsiman would not only be allowed to enter our living rooms via consoles and PCs, but what it would look like if it was up to modern standards. And it really is up to modern standards; it looks like it could use a few day-one updates and then six months of post-launch content to deliver a complete package.

Enjoy the rest of this slow news day…

Source: Youtube, via Reddit

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