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This Week’s State of Play Won’t Be a PS5 Event, But Why Sony?

Sony have informed the public that they’ll be hosting a State of Play this Thursday – August 6th – at 9pm BST. But in the same press release then went on to say it won’t be focussing on their upcoming console, the PlayStation 5. Instead, they will spend the majority of the time looking at various third party PS4 and PSVR games. Oh, and a few indies for the PS5.

This is despite us all growing tired of the exaggerated pause in between the release of PlayStation 5 information. Something that I believe is harming the company more than building suspense. But here we are, a few days ahead of a “media event”, knowing we’ll be waiting even longer for an update. Why, Sony, why?!?

This confusion is shared by may online who are desperate to know not only when the console will be released but also how much it will retail at and when they’ll be able to secure a pre-order. Yet, Sony remain adamant at continuing this stalemate along with their rivals over at Microsoft – even if the latter has released more information about new games on their upcoming console. I’m not entirely sure why that is, although I doubt things are going exactly to plan. But just as we’ll all have to get used to this new reality eventually, they’re going to have to announce things too.

Even if that means admitting there won’t be enough consoles to go around, or another unthought of complication. We’re all grown ups, after all (except for the kiddies, obviously).

Source: PlayStation Blog

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