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Those Who Remain and Deliver Us The Moon Delayed Due to Coronavirus, New Release Dates for April, June, and July

The ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic has caused all kinds of delays, and the latest affected are Wired Productions’ Those Who Remain and Deliver Us The Moon, both of which are to suffer delays to their original release dates.

Those Who Remain, originally slated to release May 15th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, will now release sometime in June both as a digital download and as a physical retail edition, with the latter only being available on PS4 and PC. I recently got the chance to play Those Who Remain and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it did have me skidding my knickers. You can read my Those Who Remain preview here.

For Deliver Us The Moon, things are a little better. The original digital release date of April 24th will remain in place for both Xbox One and PS4, but the physical Deluxe Edition will now release in July to coincide with the Nintendo Switch and Collector’s Edition.

It’s a shame, sure, but these are minor inconveniences at best. Worse things could and are happening elsewhere, so if a couple of games being delayed a little is the biggest of your worries, count yourself among the lucky few.

Source: Twitter

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