Those Who Remain Reveal Trailer is Delicious Psychological Horror

Those Who Remain has been revealed in a new trailer, and my first impression is yowza! It’s ticking all the right psychological horror boxes. Here’s the setup: you play as Edward, and you have the perfect life, a beautiful wife, and a wonderful little girl. For reasons not yet known, you have a few drinks in you as you are driving through the town of Dormont to end a secret affair and get your life back on the straight and narrow.

From the outside, Dormont seems like a regular town, but it is filled with secrets. People have started mysteriously disappearing, and, as the lights go out, more will disappear. This is Edward’s chance to change his life, if he can survive the night in a town that has some bad things out in the darkness.

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Since it’s a reveal trailer, we don’t know much. There is no news on when it will release. We only know it will be “soon”, but that could mean just about anything. What I can say is that the trailer seems like a mix of Alan Wake and Silent Hill. It’s speculation, but I hope I am on target.

If you do attend Gamescom, Those Who Remain will be there. I will be watching this one closely, so be sure to check back with us for more info when it’s announced.

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