Three Androids Find Humanity in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human will present the stories of three androids who have to choose in a difficult and turbulent time. Markus’ life has been dedicated to helping a painter. He has slowly discovered what it means to be alive. He must now choose how to lead a rebellion against human beings who would seek to remove his independence.

Connor is the most advanced android ever created. He will work with the Detroit police department and a partner who hates androids (anti-androidite?) to discover the cause of the android’s strange behavior. It seems like he much choose whether to serve the humans or help the androids to revolt.

Perhaps the most controversial story so far is about Kara. She is a domestic caretaker who manages a house and a little girl named Alice. After Alice’s father is shown to be an absolute brute, Kara and Alice must go on the run. It looks as if Kara will have to choose whom to trust, whether they are android or human.

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The differences between the characters do not stop at the story. Each one has different musical themes written by a different composer. The cinematography is also unique to each character, creating a mood that is makes each one feel distinct. According to David Cage, the game’s director, this will make you feel like you are playing three separate games with stories and choices that impact the other.

Detroit: Become Human is Quantic Dream’s most ambitious game to date, both from a storytelling and technological point of view. It takes the idea of an AI uprising and presents it from the AI’s point of view.

We look forward to seeing what we can choose when the game releases on May 25th.

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