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Throw Anything Challenges You to Stop a Zombie Invasion on the PSVR Next Month

Resourcefulness is a quality anyone could use if zombies are after you. Throw Anything throws zombies at the player, and the player throws literally anything back at them. Whether you are in your high rise home, an office on a mountain, or a plaza, the environments are fully destructable. The gold and money in a safe can be thrown to knock them down. Frozen fish from the freezer becomes a weapon of zombie destruction. Even random NPCs can be thrown at them. There are guns and maybe lightning bolts if you want to keep your furniture intact, but you’ll need to earn them.

The game will feature six stages requiring you to repel the zombie climbers. For an extra challenge, there are five mid-bosses and six bosses to beat. If it’s too easy, you can up your difficulty setting in general. Killing zombies gives you better weapons and collecting ancient artifacts allows you to save the world.

Throw Anything is coming to the PSVR on February 6th for $18.99 USD, and it will have some new features over the Steam VR version. In the new Lobby, you can shoot a basketball, throw darts, read comics, and sharpen your skills in target practice. You can buy helpful items in the Item Shop. You can even take a special mission from the Special Delivery Agency to collect cube relics and chunks.

Start strengthening your throwing arm now, because the game comes out on February 6th.

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