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Titanfall 2 is Free-to-Play This Weekend on PS4

It’s a shame that Titanfall 2 hasn’t sold more copies, isn’t it? The beefy shooter has received critical acclaim from numerous outlets, us included, and those who stumped up the cash for the game seem more than happy enough with Respawn’s effort, yet Titanfall 2 just isn’t selling as well as it should be.

EA is hoping to rectify this by offering the game’s online modes for free on PS4 this weekend. The free trial starts on Friday but there’s no word on when it’ll end, though we’re guessing it’s just going to be for the weekend. Wonder where we got that thought from?

If you do take part in the trial and find yourself bagging a copy of the game, your progress that you’ve made in the free weekend will carry over to the full package. Not bad, but we reckon it’s too little too late for Titanfall; EA really screwed the pooch when it released it right between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare/Modern Warfare Remastered.

Will you be taking on the Titanfall 2 trial, or have you already got a copy? Let us know down in the comments section that is, as always, down below.

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