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Titanfall 2 Receiving New DLC and Free Expanded Trial Next Week

Titanfall 2 is giving away everything next week. First, they will have a new trial weekend running from March 30th – April 4th. In addition to the game’s muiltiplayer, you will now be able to play the Training Gauntlet and The Beacon levels from the single-player game. When the trial ends, these missions will still be available for you to play.

Current owners of the game can expect a couple new downloads as well. The game’s next free DLC will also be dropping on March 30th. Colony Reborn will add the more urban map Colony, a new weapon, and a new execution named Curb Check. They will also have cosmetic items for purchase such as a camo pack, a callsign pack, nose art for your titan, and two new Prime Titans.

A new patch with the usual bug fixes and improvements will be released, but the full details will not be available until next week.

The cherry on this free gaming sundae will be the double XP event over the weekend, so new and old players will be able to hit the higher levels even faster.

Everything starts March 30th, and we would not be surprised to see a discount on Titanfall 2 next week to give you even more incentive to add this to your collection. If you are not familiar with the game, take a look at our review, and we will see you online next weekend.


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