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Titanfall 2 Single Player Cinematic Trailer; A Personal War

Titanfall 2’s October 28th release date is fast approaching, and it’s time to get hyped. Single Player mode is in the spotlight once again as Respawn Entertainment add a cinematic trailer to the game’s official Youtube channel. You can check out the trailer in full above, then grapple onto the nearest wall and jump into the waiting cockpit of our breakdown below.

Titanfall 2 is looking to capture a whole new audience; namely us PlayStation players. The original game was a Microsoft exclusive and, as we covered previously, the sequel is trying to please both series fans and newcomers alike by preserving the fast-paced multiplayer action whilst adding some depth of story with the new single player campaign.

The cinematic trailer shows this duality; Titanfall’s ‘pilots’ are the rock stars of the battlefield but, cool moves and big robots aside, each pilot is also a person. There’s a journey to becoming an ass-kicking super soldier, it seems, and the protagonist here is all for voicing his personal experience and his reasons for fighting. This is an interesting angle to take and could add some real emotional depth to the narrative. Add in the fascinating premise of the pilot’s ‘bond’ with their giant robot friend, and we could be in for an intriguing look into the deeper lore of the Titanfall universe.

This approach doesn’t come without pitfalls, however, and it remains to be seen whether this over-arching narrative can exist side-by-side with the shoot-run-stab gameplay of multiplayer, or whether the modes will feel too disparate in their approaches.

Get ready for Titanfall! Titanfall 2 releases on October 28th for PS4/Pro and Xbox One/S. If you’re not too busy playing Battlefield, you can pre-order the game pretty much everywhere right now. Amazon UK is currently offering Titanfall 2 (PS4) pre-order for £42.00, or, if you like your games on the other side of the pond; Amazon US is selling Titanfall 2 – PlayStation 4 for $59.99… er, bargain… Hype it up with us in the comments below, or trash it, depends how you’re feeling today we suppose. Keep it Pure PlayStation for all the news as we get it. 

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