Titanfall Won’t Be Returning Anytime Soon

I really liked Titanfall 2. But apparently that isn’t reason enough for the team to be working on the next instalment. That’s also despite us being teased with such developments just last year, when they talked of a new twist in the series. And the fact that there’s quite the loyal following behind the game, more than ready to open their purses once again. But, together, they are not enough for Respawn Entertainment to invest in a third. So, there’s no such project ongoing at the time being.

Now, that new game we were all waiting on must have nose dived out of existence. Something we probably should have assumed considering the complete radio silence in the time since. But we do live in hope. It also looks like Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have stolen the team’s time and resources, because there’s nothing to do with Titanfall in existence – at all. No sequel. No prequel. No mobile game, nor squeaky toy.

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Titanfall has literally fallen down the order.

However, I’m all for clinging on to an ounce of hope – even if I have skewed the scales slightly. And one does exist in this instance. That’s because the game is always there, apparently. In their thoughts, minds and probably development software. So, there’s a very high chance of us seeing Titanfall rise again. Just not in the near future.

I’ll end by saying that I am really surprised to hear that Titanfall 3 isn’t on the studio’s roadmap. For me, it’s the perfect launch title for the PlayStation 5 – what with its captivating short solo story and addictive multiplayer content. But apparently the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel and Apex Legends are more viable, probably owing to the movies current popularity of the former and online leaning of the latter. 

Source: IGN

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