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Today’s State of Play Shows the Beauty and Brutality of The Last of Us Part II

In case you didn’t already see it, there was a State of Play dedicated to The Last of Us Part II. Starting with a recent trailer, the rest of the presentation is narrated by Naughty Dog VP, Neil Druckmann. He takes us through some of the changes from the prior game. Ellie will be able to navigate the terrain with some new tricks like using a rope to explore the more vertical levels. She will also have to use a boat through flooded areas. Floods are just one of the consequences of a game that spans different climates and seasons.

There is also plenty of violence. I used brutality in the title, and that’s underselling it. The developer has created a world in which the people you meet may be more dangerous than the clickers. Speaking of everyone’s favorite non-zombies, there are new varieties for the final game. Getting back to your human enemies, there are two factions vying for control of Seattle. Neither is friendly to you.

I haven’t finished the whole trailer (it really is a long trailer), so I haven’t seen the eight minutes of new footage. I did see a game world that looks as beautiful as it is unwelcoming. The environments are huge and detailed with plenty of opportunities for exploration.

Since we are only about three weeks away from the June 19th launch of The Last of Us Part II, you won’t have to wait long now.

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