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Torchlight III’s Forts Are the Perfect Way to Display Your Success

People like to build and customize their homes in real life and games, and Torchlight III is giving players forts. As we’ve known since childhood, forts are the cooler versions of houses. In the latest trailer for the game, we see a warrior dreaming about the potential in her fort from an elegant bedroom to an altar that gives you bonuses from sacrificing your enemies. It’s the perfect complement for any home really.

Forts are more than just decorations. You will be able to adorn them with crafted items or loot you pick up after a fight. It’s also a place for some “you time” to change your armor and skills and advance your character. When you want some company, your friends can meet up at your fort and admire your conquests, color coordination, or both.

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For now, Torchlight III hasn’t been officially announced for the PS4. It’s coming to the PC later this year, but I’m betting we’ll see it on our favorite console eventually. With that in mind, check out the trailer for a look at forts in Torchlight III and wait patiently for the inevitable console announcement.

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