Torchlight III’s “Snow & Steam” Update Available Now

Torchlight III’s “Snow & Steam” Update Available Now

Beyond the almost necessary day-one updates are the updates that give us something new for a game we already have. Torchlight III’s “Snow & Steam” update dropped today, and it’s the biggest patch since the game launched in October. It’s bringing some festive cheer to your dungeon crawling.

Along with the seasonal changes, there’s a lot of new additions to the game. There are four new pets and another one that’s a variant. If you like legendary items, there are eleven new ones with a legendary armor set. There is a “Style Station” to customize your look too.

Since it’s a patch, there are some improvements as well. According to my press release, the Forged class has been “revamped”, there are changes to Fazeer’s Dun’djinn, and there are many quality of life improvements. There are also hidden secrets.

You can watch the trailer for a look at some of the updates, and it may be just the thing to pull you back into a new game. If you haven’t played it, our Editor Chris is a dungeon-crawling novice, and he liked it in our review.

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