Toshihiro Kondo’s Fascinating Journey to Becoming the President of Nihon Falcom

If you attended Anime Expo in early July, you might have seen a panel about the strange journey of Nihon Falcom President and Trails of Cold Steel series producer, Toshihiro Kondo, from being a fan of games to making them. He mentions the Falcom game, White Witch, and he tells about how the ending made him cry.

After going to college, he started to learn to make webpages in a club, but mainly studied finance and accounting. His strategy site for the White Witch game started to receive more hits than the official site and attracted the company’s attention. He turned that into a job opportunity where he met famed director Makoto Shinkai, before he left Falcom to pursue animated movies.

He tells about how he worked hard, substantially moved out of his comfort zone, learned a lot on his own, and rose to his current position in the company. The current culture there has modernized with the times, but it still expects it’s employees to practice those same values while rewarding success. He says that he was a big fan of the games the company made before he was part of it, and now he can work with the company to make games that loves too.

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This is only a tiny bit of what he said, because the video is almost 25 minutes long. Despite the length, I was completely enthralled with his story. It’s not a plan to get you into the industry, but the principles he lays out can be applied to any field really. It’s also nice to know that a person at the top loves games, and that’s why does what he does. It even allowed him to work on a re-release of the White Witch game he loved so much.

If that sounds cool, give this a watch, and see if you aren’t as fascinated by his story as I was.

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