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Touch Agent 47 in Many Different Locations

We have a new trailer to share for Hitman 2 today. Named “Untouchable”, we have a quick glimpse of all the different locations in the game. Agent 47 will definitely need to bring his passport on an adventure that will take him to Mumbai, Miami, Columbia, Hawke’s Bay, the Isle of Sgáil, and Vermont.

No offense, Vermont, but you may not be the most exotic of the locales. Maybe he is there to assassinate Ben & Jerry, who are secretly the heads of a criminal empire? Probably not. That would most likely be DLC. You wouldn’t want to include that gold in the main game.

Against those locations, we hear Agent 47 and a woman speaking about loss. After suffering herself, she seems to be the aggressor in this situation, and the famous assassin may be her target. If she is bold and powerful enough to challenge him, he should be worried.

Hitman 2 will release on November 13th.

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Press Release from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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