Tour Your New Ship in Mass Effect Andromeda

In previous Mass Effect games, the Normandy was your home, and it provided the place for some of your most meaningful interactions with your crew. Since you will be spending scores of hours there, Bioware has released a new trailer taking your through the different rooms in your new ride and letting you know what to expect. They also show you your own quarters, and you know what to expect there from a Mass Effect game – bow chicka wow wow.

Your new ship, the Tempest, is a little less brawny than your last ship, but it excels in both speed and stealth. It will be extremely advanced and have top of the line equipment. You can also see the top of the line equipment in your captain’s bedroom. Did we mention Mass Effect games allow you to sometimes awkwardly have relations with your crew? The harassment lawsuits alone would keep us out of the Spectre program.

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The trailer also shows the customizable Nomad, a new land vehicle, with a plethora of details, including the suspension and drive train. This will allow you to explore planets, and it could be a lot of fun. You can also scan for resources and harvest them from those planets, so you are not only wandering aimlessly looking for another dune to jump.

We look forward to taking control of our new ship when Mass Effect Andromeda touches down on March 21st in North America and March 23rd in the UK and Europe.

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