Toy Soldiers HD

Toy Soldiers HD PS4 Release Date Announced

At the ready soldier, the action strategy remake is coming this September.

The critically acclaimed Toy Soldiers HD from Signal Studios and published by Accelerate Games will be digitally arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this September 9th.

The original indie title was first released in 2010 but this much-needed update to the series will include improved single and multiplayer gameplay, never-before played content, improved camera angles and sound as well as all previously released DLC.

Let’s not forget enhanced HD graphics otherwise why would it even have HD in the title…

In Toy Soldiers, you control one of two armies made up of over 50 units of miniature World War II toys defending in a variety of locations such as the bedroom or library. You’ll need to think clearly as you build your defences while plotting how you are going to attack the enemy.

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However, unlike other tower defence games, Toy Soldiers HD gives you the ability to experience your battle from both a top-down strategy and a first-person POV to take your troops completely into your own hands.

Either look over your troops like their proud (or disappointed) general watching the battle unfold or become a soldier yourself as you charge across the battlefield dodging the oncoming artillery fire.

You can experience all slices of life as a common soldier wielding a flamethrower, or a mounted unit charging head-on with your cavalry. You can even pilot your bombers and drop shells across the frontlines or strafe opponents using biplanes.

Experience the combat of the Second World War through the eyes and the magnificent imagination of a child that could remind you of when you were younger playing with your own toy soldiers.

Of course, you can already experience these wonders in the original Toy Soldiers but why not wait to enjoy it, even more, when the updated Toy Soldiers HD version releases on September 9th.

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