Trackmania Turbo File Size Revealed And Special Pre-Order Price

Trackmania Turbo File Size Revealed And Special Pre-Order Price

We were checking out those sweet new deals on the PS Store when we decided to go exploring and discovered that the file size for Trackmania Turbo has been revealed. According to the PlayStation Store the game is clocking in at a tiny 4.1GB. Now obviously that should be taken with a grain of salt as it’s likely that another one or two gigabytes could be added via additional download files or a day one patch. However, the 4.1GB is unlikely to rise too much on launch day, if it rises at all.

On top of the file size we also noticed that there’s a special pre-order price for the game. Normally the game will set you back €39.99, but if you pre-order it you’ll get it for €35.99. That’s a pretty decent pre-order incentive, especially considering if you top up your PSN wallet enough over the coming days you’ll get €15 extra on top of your top up!

Trackmania Turbo will be launching on the 24th of March 2016. We’ve included a screenshot from the PS Store so you can check out the file size and price for yourself.


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