Traffic Jams Coming to PSVR, PCVR Headsets This September; Multiplayer Trailer Released

Vertigo Games has announced today that Traffic Jams will be releasing this September on PSVR and other headsets, and what’s more is that the game will feature some form of multiplayer.

The game takes place in a world where all the traffic lights have gone out, and you’re the only one who can keep traffic going. It’s a silly concept, but it looks like a blast to play, especially in the new trailer that was released today, showing the game’s multiplayer gameplay.

To play multiplayer, one player will be inside the headset playing the game in VR, while the other players (up to four non-vr players) use their smartphones/tablets to get in on the action, either by helping the VR traffic warden player, or by hindering them with all kinds of calamitous acts.

Peep this:  Recompile Installs on PS5 This August

Have a gander at the multiplayer trailer up above, and then try not to look at traffic in the same way ever again.

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