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Train Sim World Can be Spotted in Stores This July

Train Sim World is fast approaching the PS4 station and is due to arrive on July 24th. And from the trailer above, we can say it all looks on track… Toot toot!

Railway simulations have been largely restricted to PC; Train Sim World itself is making the journey over from Steam. But then we got Railway Empire, full of cow catching goodness, which showed us that the genre isn’t misplaced on consoles even if we do lack a keyboard and mouse. Since then the games have kept on coming, with Cities: Skylines and Surviving Mars each earning themselves a fan-base. And now they’re getting a little more realistic.

Train Sim World will play from a first-person perspective, allowing you to walk around the freight yards and stations as you go about your driver business. When you’re ready for departure, and please no delays, you’ll have the choice of three of the world’s greatest routes from three integrated expansions – the Great Western Express (UK), Northern Corridor (New York), and Rapid Transport (German S-Bahn).

By combining the Unreal Engine 4 with their own technology, Dovetail Games has created a highly authentic experience. Each locomotive, whether it be diesel or electric, looks, drives and sounds exactly as it would if you hot footed it down to your local depot and took a real one out for a spin. Only this way you don’t risk a criminal record, or ending up hundreds of miles from home.

Their interactive cabs complete the immersion, providing a distraction of speed measurements and buttons for when you’d rather be looking out of the window. But if you’d like to make like a real train driver and go on strike, then there’s also the option to sit back and relax as a passenger.

Now if only Hornby or Bachmann would release a modelling simulation, then I wouldn’t have to choose between Skaledale or a functioning dining table.

Are you ready for a rail-y good time? Please report any feet on seats in the comments box below. 

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