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TrainerVR is Train Sets in Virtual Reality, Coming Soon to PSVR

Do you know what PSVR has been sorely missing? Train sets. Virtual train sets. Well not anymore as Sumalab’s TrainerVR will soon be welcoming new passengers when it releases on PlayStation VR.

The game is a physics-based construction game where you can build simple tracks or mega networks, all in virtual reality. There’ll be no grandparent to tell you you’re doing it wrong, and no child to come and knock all the pieces over. Just you, your headset, and your train track. Now tell me that doesn’t sound like absolute bliss.

There’s no release date for the game just yet, but as the trophies have gone live on the PlayStation Network I think we can expect to see the game release within the next week or. An email has been sent on to the developers for more information, so I’ll update if and when I hear more.

A bit of background on TrainerVR: It was originally released way back in December 2017 for PC virtual reality headsets where it received decent reviews from users on Steam. There’s hasn’t been all that much buzz around the game, unfortunately, but I guess we train set fanatics are few in numbers…

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