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Treyarch Explains Why Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Doesn’t Have a Story Mode

It’s fair to say that the Call of Duty community is split on the topic of Call of Duty’s single player experience. Ever since the series started there has been a single player component. Over time, however, the story mode has been pushed to the background to make way for the competitive online multiplayer and the co-op friendly Zombies mode.

We’ve not really had a hard explanation for the loss of Black Ops 4’s story mode, but the developers have at least shed a bit more light on the situation during a chat with Game Informer.

Co-studio chief at Treyarch, Dan Bunting, explains that the studio wanted to make a social experience.

“We started this game with a very big ambitions. And that big ambition was that we were going to make a game that was entirely built around social gameplay experiences, because that’s what we feel we’re most passionate about in the studio.”

We should have seen this coming, really. Black Ops 3 was a decent enough game and while the story was hard to follow, it did open itself up to co-op gameplay. You could say that it was actually made for co-op, so it was the first baby step into bringing players together and keeping them playing in the same pool, so to say.

Still, I’m personally disappointed. I’ve always enjoyed the bombastic spectacle that comes with a Call of Duty game; I’m too old and my reflexes just aren’t there any more to enjoy the online multiplayer. Hopefully the next game doesn’t skip the story mode, but who knows – if this is a success, expect Activision to order its studios to chop away the single player portion and focus on multiplayer and battle royale, until the next fad hits and they start chasing that money.

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