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Treyarch’s Black Ops 5 Will Be Call of Duty 2020

Are you ready for more of Treyarch’s Black Ops? It seems we may not have a choice in the matter as the usual development cycle has been given a bit of a shake up, according to Kotaku’s sneaky Jason Schreier.

The man with all the connections has claimed that multiple sources have confirmed that Call of Duty 2020 will be another Black Ops instalment with Treyarch being the lead developer. The original plan was to have Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software develop 2020’s Call of Duty, but in-fighting amongst the developer has led Activision to scrap the plans and shift 2020’s game over onto Treyarch while Sledgehammer and Raven take on supporting roles.

Crikey, we haven’t even had Call of Duty 2019’s reveal and we’re already hearing about next year’s game. Still, it does sound promising. If you didn’t bother with Black Ops 4 due to the lack of single-player content, namely the usual Hollywood-style campaign, perhaps Treyarch’s next effort will pull you back in. According to Kotaku, Black Ops 5 will ship with a traditional campaign and, again these are rumours, it’ll be set during the Cold War.

It’s looking likely, then, that Black Ops 5 (title not confirmed, by the way) will be a cross-gen release on PS4 and PS5. Before we get all hot and bothered about Black Ops 5, we’re still waiting to see if this year’s Infinity Ward instalment is Modern Warfare 4. Tenner says it is and that Ghost is brought back from the dead because he has a very marketable face mask.

Source: Kotaku

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