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Trials of Mana Gameplay Trailer Shows a Very Updated Coat of Paint on An Older Game

A longer gameplay trailer dropped today for Trials of Mana, and, for a game originally released in 1995, it looks pretty good. Starting by picking three of six potential characters, your newly formed party will adventure to find eight elemental spirits. The team you pick is more than skin deep too. The trailer shows that they will impact the story in different ways. You can also guess that their abilities, out of 300 unique ones to learn, will be different as well.

The game boasts a few other twists. Characters can level up to become more powerful and even switch classes. There seems to be a nice animation that results in a wardrobe change to accompany the class change. It’s a new you all around. There are also powerful chain skills that you can use for your team. The trailer shows a skill that boosts your character’s MP by 30 points.

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Although the game pauses while the menu is open to choose an item or skill, combat looks more action than turn-based with skills that change depending on whether it’s day or night. Skills are flashy with effects, and the world is bright as you journey across sandy deserts, snowy towns, and verdant fields to find the Mana Sword. There’s plenty of variety, and it’s not an ugly game at all.

Trials of Mana will be coming to the PS4 on April 24. Until then, check out the trailer for a good look at the gameplay.

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