Troll and I Gets New Plot Details Thanks to Dramatic Story Trailer

Late last year we were introduced to main character Otto and the titular troll. It was easily apparent that themes of adventure and friendship would make its way to the forefront of their journey. Now we have a bit more detail on said journey thanks to a rather heavy handed story trailer. The game takes place in a post-World War II, 1950’s Scandinavia. Otto’s family has moved deep in the wilderness for a peaceful life but humans, nature, and nightmarish creatures had other ideas. Luckily, one day he encounters the Troll and discovers that both of them must work together in order to survive.┬áIt turns out that greedy hunters and collectors have an eye on our beloved Troll and want a piece of it, quite literally. In doing so they accidentally awaken an ancient evil which just makes things harder on everybody.

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The combat was also slightly detailed. Both Otto and the Troll have contrasting abilities (duh) with the former being quick and nimble and the latter being able to crush enemies in one blow. These characteristics will be needed to stave off opponents, solve puzzles, and complete missions. You can experience this gameplay in cooperative split-screen multiplayer as well.

Troll and I is currently being developed by Spiral House and is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4 on March 21st for North America and March 24th for Europe. You can pre-order the physical edition here. Are you looking forward to teaming up with the Troll? Or are you terrified and want nothing to do with it? Let us know!

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