Troll and I Hunts Down a March 2017 Release Date, Trailer Released

Maxim Games and Spiral House, the publisher and developer, respectively, have announced today that Troll and I will be releasing on PS4 and other platforms this March 24th.

The duo have also released a new cinematic trailer that gives us a glimpse of the titular Troll and his human companion, Otto, as they get into all sorts of mischief. And no, despite the game’s name, this isn’t a story about an internet troll and his victim getting putting their differences aside in a heart-warming tale of internet romance. Sorry.

Troll and I takes players on an adventure as Otto, the human lad, teams up with the mythical Troll to survive the nasty buggers who want to kill Troll and, presumably, eat his brain. That’s what we do with trolls, right? Players will be able to switch seamlessly between Otto and the Troll, and each character has its own advantages. Otto is a lot smaller than Troll, so he’s more nimble and has agility on his side. On the other hand, Troll is a beast of a creature that can take out enemies with one swift slap of his massive hands. Sounds brutal.

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Spiral House promises to deliver an epic adventure of survival and friendship between the young lad and his new mate, Troll. Kinda reminds us of another adventure game that pairs two unlikely species together… The Last Guardian, anyone?

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